Trenchless Plumbing

Based in Silicon Valley, TrenchFree™ is the Bay Area’s original trenchless-only plumbing firm. Unlike other plumbing contractors, trenchless plumbing is not a sideline for us. It’s our core business.


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Underground piping and pipe systems are generally more than 65 years old. However, when pipes typically fail, it is not necessarily determined by the age or how many years the pipe has been in the ground. There are other factors in play when it come to pipe failure. In our experience pipe failure can sometimes be determined by the “load”— or the degree of water or sewage running through a pipe. What happens is the pipe load stress increases in areas with growing populations, which is what we see here in the greater San Jose & San Francisco area.

When considering repairing or upgrading the sewer and/or water pipe system, the standard conventional dig and replace methods, can be very costly and can be very disruptive to businesses and the communities.

Here at Trench Free we can help to eliminate excessive repair costs with our proven Trenchless Technologies. Our trenchless pipe lining systems for both pipe bursting or pipe lining do not require larges excavation areas, and offers minimal disruption. Trenchless water, sewer and pipe replacement is a very efficient and minimally invasive approach that does not involve the existing damaged or failing pipe to physically be dug up just to replace it.

Our technology has quickly become the most requested method for rehabilitating failing water and sewer piping systems. With the latest advancements in trenchless rehabilitation solutions here at Trench Free, we are the leaders in all residential, commercial or municipal sewer and water infrastructure repairs.