Water Line Repair

Commercial property owners can save a great deal of money and time when they choose trenchless water line replacement in the greater San Jose, CA area. Trenchless methods are the most cost efficient when it comes to water line repair because they require little construction. This leads to fast turnaround times, decreased labor costs, and less cleanup once the job is completed.

Trenchless methods have many advantages

When the new water line is installed, it is guaranteed for nearly 50 years against leakage or rupture. High density poly ethylene (HDPE) is a common material used for replacement water lines, and this pipe is 3-4 times thicker than PVC piping or any other material that is currently used on the market today. It is resistant to corrosion, root-intrusion, and leaks.

The methods utilized in trenchless water line replacement won’t damage the landscaping, parking lots, sidewalks, or other structures on the property of a business. There are no huge trenches to be dug up, and no heavy equipment rolling through the construction site, so a large majority of the property will remain completely intact and be left alone. Businesses will not have to redirect their employees or customers through a nasty work zone, and what little repair work is visible to the public will not be a deterrent for business.

Most jobs are able to be started and finished within the same day. This is because trenchless water line replacement requires much less construction on the job site. Without the need to dig large trenches, this technique does not need a lot of preparation or cleanup time. With such a fast turnaround, this process ensures that businesses will have minimal downtime during water line repair.

Several different options to choose from

“Specialized water pulling” is a method where, through a quick series of steps that involves connecting old lines, new lines, and what is called a “soil displacement puller head,” the old water line is pulled out while the new line is simultaneously pulled into its place.

The missile method of trenchless water line replacement involves creating a new path with a pneumatic missile between two small excavation sites. The pneumatic missile is carefully directed so it exits at the intended designated point. Once the missile reaches the other excavation site, it is attached to the new water line, and then it is all sent back through the tunnel the missile has just made underground.

Conventional excavation methods are still an option if the commercial property requires it. This is where the entire water line is dug up through a large trench, which results in lots of construction, extra downtime for the business, and a particular eyesore for employees and customers. With all this in mind, it still stands that the most efficient and cost effective choice is trenchless water line replacement.