TrenchFree™ Pneumatic Boring only requires two small pits to replace or install underground utilities such as water, gas or conduit. Our technicians dig a small pit to launch the piercing tool. The TrenchFree™ piercing tool works with compressed air, gently boring a small round tunnel below landscaping and hardscape until it reaches the small receiving pit. The piercing tool is then reversed back out. Once the piercing tool is completely out, the new utility line is inserted through the round tunnel. New connections are made with all necessary changes to adapt new or existing utility service.


Horizontal directional drilling is an effective technique for commercial property owners to receive the installation of necessary utilities virtually anywhere. This service is provided at a relatively minimal cost, and causes less disruption to established parking lots, roads, or landscaping.

The drilling is performed entirely underground with a drill that can be controlled and driven in any given horizontal direction, which makes this a preferable method for those owners of commercial properties who are in need of having additional utilities installed, including power, sewer, gas, water, or telecommunications.

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