Pipe bursting is a modern, trenchless way to renew and replace buried pipelines; both commercial and residential customers can save time and money on sewer line replacement and water main renewal with pipe bursting techniques.

Trenchless pipe bursting machines split the existing pipe by pulling a pipe bursting head through the existing pipe, splitting the old pipe and pulling new pipe inside. There are various types of pipe bursting systems, including pneumatic, hydraulic expansion and static pull systems. With modern pipe bursting technology, sewer lines, water mains or natural gas pipes can be replaced without surface excavating.


Replacing underground pipelines can be a costly and messy proposition. Pipelining — or pipe relining — rehabilitates existing pipes without the requiring extensive digging. Homeowners and businesses save time and money by lining an existing pipeline.

Pipelining with an epoxy layer can restore water flow to blocked or leaky pipes without the cost, time and disruption of pipe replacement. An epoxy coating has a lifespan of 40 to 60 years. It becomes a permanent barrier against future pipe leaks and corrosion. TrenchFree™ professionals use proven, proprietary processes to dry, clean and then line the inside surface of pipes with a safe, durable epoxy lining.


Horizontal directional drilling is an effective technique for commercial property owners to receive the installation of necessary utilities virtually anywhere. This Bay Area installation service is provided at a relatively minimal cost, and causes less disruption to established parking lots, roads or landscaping.

The drilling is performed entirely underground with a drill that can be controlled and driven in any given horizontal direction, which makes this a preferable method for those owners of commercial properties who are in need of having additional utilities installed, including power, sewer, gas, water or telecommunications.


Quite often only a section of pipe fails or cracks. In these instances, it is possible to repair just the bad section of pipe via sectional lining. Similar to Perma-Patch™, sectional lining enables us to pinpoint a pipe section and rehabilitate it in a matter of hours using trenchless technology. With this technology, we can repair cracks, fissures, bellies, missing sections of pipe and just about any problem you might be experiencing with results that last over 50 years.

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