Underground Communication & Electric Lines

Underground wiring is the easiest, most economical, and most aesthetic type of electrical wiring available today. Although installation of overhead lines is much more cost-friendly at the outset, wiring that’s exposed to the elements, subject to inclement weather, and vulnerable to accidents, means you, the business or homeowner, are responsible for many more service and repair calls, increasing costs in the long run. Underground means your wiring is less exposed, therefore less apt to sustain damage or degradation than overhead wiring.

Why Install Underground Wiring?

Homes and businesses in and around the Bay Area can benefit greatly from converting their old and outdated exterior wiring. To replace your overhead wiring and go underground can be expensive. We’ll work with you to ensure the best price. We also provide a free estimate, so you’ll know the cost of your investment in underground wiring, before we begin.

Underground Wiring Repairs

No matter how durable your underground electrical wiring, there may come a time when you require repairs. Breaks in the insulated covering can result in degradation to your wiring, which can result in intermittent electricity, lights flashing off and on, fuses and breakers tripping, outlets that just stop working.

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