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Water Main

Leaks, rust buildup and constricted water flow are common problems that affect aging water lines. A new copper or polyethylene (PEX) water main can improve pressure and get rid of leaks.


Replace a sewer line without digging a long trench. TrenchFree™ specializes in trenchless solutions for homeowners who want to replace their sewer line—not their hardscape and landscaping.


As a leading trenchless gas line replacement contractor, TrenchFree™ will pull permits and install your new natural gas line with advanced no-dig trenchless technology.


Trenchless installation of underground data or electrical conduit is a TrenchFree™ specialty. Modernize your underground electrical lines using state-of-the-art techniques to avoid digging up your yard.

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TrenchFree™ has expert crews and advanced techniques, technology and equipment to better serve you.

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