San Mateo Pipe Bursting Leads Way

Many people have turned to methods like pipe bursting in order to successfully deal with old sewer pipelines that are no longer functional. Why does pipe bursting lead the way? Essentially, it allows companies to update old systems with a minimum amount of disruption and at a significant cost savings to the customer. As a result, it has easily become one of the most popular methods in existence when it comes to putting in new sewer lines. In addition, it allows projects to be completed much faster, resulting in less time to go from the planning stages to a completed, tested and functional system. This has made it a popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

The Method of Pipe Bursting

While it may sound like a rather destructive process, it is actually one of the least destructive methods for removing old sewer lines and putting in new ones. This is especially true for any homeowner or business owner that does not want to have their entire area dug up for the purposes of removing old lines and installing new ones. When the pipe bursting method is used, it only requires that two holes be dug. Generally speaking, these two holes are no more than four feet in diameter. One is dug at one end of the line that must be replaced and the other hole is dug at the opposite end. This allows for a cone shaped head to be pulled through the pipe utilizing a steel cable. Because this cone shaped head is pulled through the pipe hydraulically, it is capable of bursting the old pipe and effectively destroying it without disturbing very much around it. This is a far more effective procedure than older methods of removing pipe that required that the whole area be excavated so that everything could be manually broken apart and removed.

Completing the Procedure

Of course, it would do no good to use a pipe bursting method without installing new pipe in its place. This is where it is possible to see all of the advancements that have taken place over the last several years in this particular field. Once the old pipe is out of the way, a new type of seamless pipe is installed in its place, all without disturbing the surrounding land any more than it already has been. The pipe is known as HDPE pipe. It is extremely durable and capable of standing up to a great deal of punishment. As a result, it is likely to outlive whatever structure it is attached to. For homes and businesses, this is good news because it usually means that this type of thing will not have to be done more than once, even if that structure remains standing for the next 100 years. Furthermore, because the pipe is seamless, it reduces the chances that complications will later occur such as holes in the pipe or a part of the pipe that has collapsed. This is due to the increased structural integrity of the entire system, thereby making it far more reliable than older systems.


The very idea that new sewer pipe can be put in place using this method is intriguing to most individuals who need to have their lines replaced. There are very few individuals that relish the idea of having everything dug up they have worked so hard to build. With this system, that doesn’t have to occur. Whether the individual in question is a homeowner that has painstakingly worked to create a breathtaking landscape in their yard or the business owner who can’t afford to have a parking lot dug up in order to have the system replaced, pipe bursting is an effective method of replacing old lines with newer, higher quality lines that perform better and last longer. The best part about the entire procedure is that it can all be done without disrupting everything on such a grand scale. It is a lot easier to deal with two, four feet in diameter holes than it is to deal with several square feet being dug up. Therefore, many individuals are turning to this method in order to get better results in a shorter amount of time without doing so much damage to the area surrounding the sewer system.